Depth of field always adds a realism to film or a photograph and i wanted to give it a got in Maya. I started to regret it, i’m finding it really difficult to get it correct. I think i need a bit more practice with a camera to fully understand it. But i gave it a go and managed to get a few nice images with it.


Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 20.15.13


Im still not 100 percent about the settings and some times i couldn’t get it right at all.

The 3 values are-

Focus Distance is the area of the image that is in focus.

F stop is applied to the relationship between the size of the aperture and focal length of the lens. (the amount of blur in the image) The lower the value the more blurred the image beyond the focal point.

Focus Region scale allow you to adjust the area of the scene you want to stay in focus.

Even though I have read what they do several times, I am really struggling to get any positive results.