Here it is! My finished dragonfly. As far as looking realistic, I would say I’m close and although it may fool at a glance i dont think trained eyes would have a hared time spotting it as CGI. But I am please with my first attempt at a level of realism and have learnt so much that can take my creations to a higher level of finished quality.

Mudbox allowed me to paint on those subtle nuances that make up the real world and Mayas Mental ray allowed some fantastic lighting.

Considering I painted the textures with realism in mind constantly, I think i did well, I just kept ‘ imperfection’ in mind and remembered to take off the mirror attribute every now and again as nothing is perfectly symmetric. I’m disappointed i wasn’t able to add some fur, I just found the amount i was learning was a bit overwhelming an constrains ment aspects needed the chop. But i didn’t think it hinders it much and I would like to continue developing this model at a later date. Perhaps add the fur and animate it. But for this project stopping at this stage was enough for my learning and skill level and 10 weeks worth of work.