When it came to rendering, I clearly underestimated how long it would take. I think this is because it had a lot of information to process. It would have taken three maybe four times longer if i had rendered the 360 out with depth of field enabled. So this was the first thing i tackled as I desperatly wanted the background blurred. To save render time I rendered out the background separately to add the blur in AfterEffects. The background was the actual IMB node and when i batch rendered out a single frame for a test as a tiff , it wasn’t visible on the render. But this problem was quickly fix by exporting it as a Jpeg. It was then very quick to render out the 300 backplate frames (25fps).

The dragonfly was rendered out with an alpha and as a tiff so I could layer the two in Aftereffects and add any effects separately to each layers.

But something I didn’t realise until after I had rendered out the dragonfly layer over night and for several hours during the day forced me to re-render.

To enable the image based lighting you need to tick final gather in the render settings. But, when you change the quality from custom to production it overrides it and un ticks it, something I was totally unaware off. But luckily, I was about to get the new render going on three computers over night and it did it in about 10hours. I left the quality on custom and the IBL rendered out fine.

Comparing the two turnarounds, there was a significant difference in the lighting quality and the realistic look of the model within the environment.