So I Went a bit crazy with the amazing sale in HMV and bought myself 5 amazing, action packed, VFX movies on Blue-Ray. (yes that’s Crazy for me! lol)

The one I was most excited about was District 9, and I have watched this at least five times on your standard DVD but on Blue-ray it looks amazing! but there is a very slight downfall to having such VFX heavy movies in super quality, it might just be my keen eye, but things look ever so slightly more obviously CG. But it’s only very slight, small things like the lighting may be a few clicks off, or the creatures, sometimes your could tell that the prawns were on a different ‘layer’. 9 times out of 10 the general un-trained public wouldn’t notice, even so it is very difficult to pick fault with the VFX of this movie, Image Engine did a fantastic job.

It can’t have been easy for the VFX team as the director wanted this documentary feel to the movie, which meant a lot of hand held camera shots, so the majority of the shots a back plate wouldn’t have been attainable. So there was a lot of painting out to be done, many the chap in the motion capture suite which turned out to be just for reference for ‘ Rotomation’ (rotoscoping) where they would ‘copy the moments of the actor and not actually use motion capture data. Turns out it was a practical decision, there would be to many cameras on set to capture the data from the suite. So up most respect for the VFX artists!


watching the specials for this was very enlightening to the process and development that goes into making a movie like this. One thing i found interesting was the mention of the movie Halo, based on the video game. From what i can deduce, this movie might not have come about if the production of Halo had not been canned, as it was the Ditrict 9 team crew that were working on it. They decided to keep the creative flow going and put the energy into an idea that Director and writer Neill Blomkamp already had in mind… good choice guys! but there are still a huge amount of fans waiting for a halo movie, so maybe you could pick up where you left off on Halo??

I thought that maybe taking this course would ruin movies like these for me as I would know the tricks of the trade as such, but so far I still go crazy for them.