While watching the specials of District 9, the Image Engine came up for the company responsible for the Visual Effects. These guys were the lead visual effects company for District 9. They have also got some other titles under their belt, such as;

The Thing (2011)

Immortals (2011)

Twilight: Eclipse (2010)

and Breaking Dawn part 1

Their most recent being the EPIC visuals in Battleship. I will be looking closer at this movie in a separate blog post.

They are a Canada Based VFX studio, in the city of Vancouver. They are highly specialized in creature and character development and seem to have big praise for their R&D department. Something that was interesting to read was that they themselves always come across new challenges that they need to develop solutions for. The example being, developing fur for the wolves of Twilight :Eclipse and the hair for the characters digital doubles.

“Because we built solid libraries we were able to build a fur system in ninety days with one and a half people; traditionally speaking, you could easily spend six months on a fur system with two or three people.
This demonstrated the practicalities of focusing R&D development on our libraries, so that we could accelerate project-specific R&D needs.”


I myself, love the R&D stage, so much comes together and give you so many exciting new possibilities and ideas to a project.

As a company they provide a range of services;

  • Character/Creature Animation
  • Character/Creature Design
  • Compositing
  • Digital Doubles
  • Digital Environments
  • Digital Matte Painting
  • Look Development and Concept Artwork
  • On-Set Visual Effects Supervision
  • Post-Production Visual Effects Supervision
  • Postvis
  • Physical Effects and Simulation
  • Previs

So this give me an insight into some other things i would need to be able to do if i were a VFX artist. There is a lot there! but very exciting and appealing stuff.