Jane is a lovely enthusiastic lady and gave me some great advice about all sorts. So I am just going to write up the notes I made.

  • Look for jobs I’m my current league – Digital Clean up, VFX masking
  • nice close ups of some of my assets I have made, E.g close up on my punch bag, nice 360 with a nice light.- from light to dark and bring up the environment.
  • Think about putting poly count and poly model so they can see if its clean and done well.
  • Put the best stuff at the beginning of your show reel as they might not watch through to the end.
  • Be able to engage in conversation, so try and keep up to date about whats going on, who’s who, so your able to hold an intelligent conversation. Learn some about the history of… who are the 7 old men of Disney?
  • Look up Richard Williams, Windsor Makey
  • Look up A.W.N Animation World Network, (why haven’t I come across this already!?)
  • a few of Jane’s thoughts on motion capture, Threatens actors, character animators, to expensive, labor intensive. but she does like it…
  • look up Sigraff
  • In terms of photoreal, do small mini projects, basic photoreal, put a CG coke can in a scene and make the VFX invisible. mentioned a video of a fountain pen as an example. Could be this video.
  • Get used to working quickly for fast deadlines and a fast paced industry
  • Think about having multiple showreels, e.g one general, one specified.
  • Print off some nice renders of work, for a physical portfolio.
  • Be prepared when you go to a meeting, it could be in a bar or coffee shop, so wise to take a laptop to play it on, a DVD  in case there is no internet to go to your website, hard copy of some of your best work. Take a card and CV relevant to the company you are meeting. Put your self in the employers shoes.
  • Dont discuss contracts, get a lawyer to do it for you, to make sure you are getting what you are worth and to run through it. Get an accountant that knows the industry.

I have been in regular contact with Jane and feel really comfortable, asking her questions and discussing my work with her. We are hoping to meet up for another chat soon.