As part of the PPP brief, we are required to enter a competition of some sort. I took a look at the D an AD competitions and considered the 4seven indent. I was concerned about time and this was quite a intense brief, it required a lot of research and time to reach something of the standard of channel 4. Then the Creative Networks competition opened and seemed a lot more feasible and I already know quite a bit about what it is they do, having attended a few evenings. This seems a lot more doable, it has a good time frame and could be done well without doing anything too flashy. So Andy and I have teamed up to come up with an sting for Creative Networks podcasts and general digital publication.

It is the first time I really have collaborated with anyone, an not taken on everything myself. So straight away we thought 3D, being 3D lovers. We took a look at the Guardian sting they had used as an example in the brief, and a few other channels that have a similar style to that.

Guardian sting


The Ident gallery

The ones we looked at were simple, colourful and had a clear path to displaying the channel. They aren’t too flashy.

So I quickly modeled the logo and text in 3D using Maya and forwarded the obj to Andy to add some effects to it in C4D.

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 12.04.073d render

While Andy was having a play with effects, I did a quick mock up of a idea I had of a CN dice rolling on screen.

I now realise how much more i need to learn in animation.

Andy sent me some really nice graphics he had applied to my 3D model and that was defiantly the way to go.

Once the 3D graphics were done, he handed the render back to me so that I could work the transition back to the original 2D CN logo. We then worked together on the transition, tweaking it and making sure it looked effective on a projector as well as a hull HD screen.

By putting this on the projector we noticed that there was a problem with the resolution of the 2D CN at the end. But we soon discovered it was when i made it a separate alpha channel. The magic wand tool would give it a jagged edge, so we used just the supplied log and imported that and the resolution came out fine. Andy put on the finishing touches with sound and sent it a day before the dead line.

So it turns out we won!! happy days!

<p><a href=”″>CN competion sting</a> from <a href=””>Lauren E Sharman</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

There was just a slight amendment requested, to add the Creative Nextworks text at the end and that only took a few minutes.

I enjoyed doing the competition and working with others.I t has given me the confidence and taste to apply for more in the near future.