Had a little chat with my tutor last week about who I’ve been approaching my project. I had an idea an went with it and if I’m honest I was struggling with the design, mainly because my concept was week and needed padding out and refining. Mainly evident in the fact i couldn’t articulate what my project to my tutor. I was struggling in defining it myself and I was beginning to get frustrated with it! But now I have a whole new angle!

I now have a time period and a back story that works and is based around something factual, so I have plenty to pull from and influence her design.

I needed to find out where and when has there been human experiments? what movies?

The Nazi human experiments was mentioned to me and I have found a few artists who have used the disabled as art inspiration. I’ll will blog more in depth about what I have found and will be taking influence.

I need to constantly be aware I think of the sensitive nature of some of the things i will be looking into and how myself as an artist will be portraying them.

So down come the old moodboards and up go some new ones.