To get influence for the environment I looked up German architecture and came across this beautiful building, The Reichstag Building. It has a really nice shape and the contours of the room draw your eyes to the center of the room. There is also this feature in the building, like and upside down cone and is a great feature that catches your eye. It has that similar focus i want to get across in my environment, I want the audiences eye to be draw to the figure in the middle of the room. I like the hexagonal spherical feel of the room. It breaks up the walls and adds some nice shadows.

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The light coming into the room with the chairs in the Reichstag building has a similar effect to the Rome Panthenon. the focus of light draws your attention to the center of the room.


The calved squares on the top of the dome look similar to my Test 4 for the walls. I could continue the padding quite high up in the room.

Test 4

Test 4