Sometimes I find it easier to get my ideas across better and quicker in 3D instead of drawing, it also helps me visualize it better. So I took some ideas from my environment moodboards  and mocked up some ideas for the walls.

The idea is that i combine the idea of a padded room with sound proofing. Test 1 gives off to many angles and shadows, done really like it. I like the shallow ridges of test 3, but how will it look over a large area? I also like Test test 5, it would break up the space because of the different lines it makes.

I like the uniformity of test 4, but think it feels to much like a padded room, but I think I am going to play around with that style a bit more.

Test 6 and 7 were to see how the microphones would look in the walls. Straight off, I don’t like it. I don’t think they are obvious enough and with the room being quite big they would get lost. I like the idea of having the microphones spaced closer to her.

When I went to see Dom, he asked how big the environment was going to be so needed to get him a mock up. This also gave me a better idea myself of the size of the walls.

Having looked at the Reichstag Berlin i decided i wanted that hexagonal dome like shape with an opening for natural light to fill the room. So I also did a quick mock up of the size and shape of the room.

I put the shallow ribbed padded walls on and it looks very plane. I will try it with the an iteration of test 4.a