I am not a musician and sound in my animation is going to be a vital part of the concept so it needs to be done well in order to get the impact I hope for.

I remembered an email being sent to use over Christmas from GM Music Media.

It was from a recently graduated music students looking to expand their portfolio and so was offering their services. Having had a listen to their work, I think they have the right style I’m looking for.

So I sent a quick email to see if they are interested and have the time to make something for me. I got a positive reply and am arranging a meet to discuss my ideas and hear what they can come up with. (08 Feb 2013)

(27 Feb 2013) Having corresponded with Dom at GM Music Media we arranged a meet to discuss the project today (27th Feb) and I have come away feeling really confident that he will come up with something great! I put together a folder for him of my concepts and idea so far so he could get a feel for what it is I need. I haven’t really collaborated with anyone outside of my ‘techno’ group so it felt a bit like we were talking a different language to each other sometimes but it wasn’t a problem. I took some samples of music and movie trailers with the kind of sound I wanted to have.

I really like the deep vibration sound and its the kind of sound i can imagine resonating from her inside and expelling through the throat. Its quite a chilling sound too, the kind that you feel in the stomach when you have it turned up loud.

Similarly with this piece by Zack Hemsey, there is that deep vibration that feels almost intimidating.

In the silent hill trailer there are some sounds oh wailing voices or strings that sound like it. I want something similar, like her voice but in her head because she cant speak. So any whiling and moans will be in her head but I want to implement that in the music for a creepy n-nnearving feeling, but also to portray how she is feeling and what she is going through.

After having a good chat with Dom I came away feeling really confident in his capabilities, he also seemed excited and had some ideas of his own for shots. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

He also mentioned doing the foley too which is brilliant. He will do a much better job with it than i would.