Before I had developed my concept with eara and back story I initially wanted my character to have like a helmet attach to her head, with speakers and wires.



It was starting to look very Sci fi, some looking a bit alien and Ghost in the shell like. At the time I was struggling with the design I didn’t know when it was, past future or now. But after discussing it with my tutor I now have a solid background and time it is set that I can pull influence from, the 1930-40s.

Moodborads 1930-40 speakers, radio and sound equipment.

1940 speakers head speaker1

So after this re think, the ideas came a lot easier, I had a focus and boundary but lots to play with.

I really liked the shaped on the front of the radios and thought that was very distinct to that era. After a few iterations I went with the design below.

head sopeaker

I really like the idea of a sound meter in the back of the head, monitoring the levels. It was an idea I had previously, before but with a more modern dial. i was thinking an LED one.


I really liked the idea so I have kept it only changed it to an older analog version to fit with the time period.

I had to consider how low down on the neck the speakers would come as I need to think about the movement in the neck and any deformation in the mesh. I also had a thought about two dials for each speaker on the side of her head and tattooing on the numbers.