As part of my character design, she has phone leads plugged into the back of her. Currently in two place, the back of the neck and the base of her spine. Because these are attached to her, they will need to move with her, this is something i havent tried before in Maya, not with dynamics. I would like them to move realistically, like they have weight.fntPro

I have found this tutorial that uses hair driven joints and it looks like the effect I am trying to achieve. So I have done a little test to see how its done and how I can apply it to my idea.

He is using Maya version 2011 and I got a bit confused when it came to the collide as the attributes were different and 2013 has a whole new thing called Ndynamics where a colleague helped me make it collide with objects. It’s important that I get the wires to sit on the floor of the environment so they can curl and lift off it when she moves.

Note to self:

NDynamics – Nmesh- passive collider

Nhair – Convert selection- to hair constraints#

Makes object collide with the curve


  • CV curve 1
  • Create CV circle
  • Select the two
  • Surface menus – surfaces- extrude –at path- apply

So here is the test that I did and it worked pretty perfect for what I need.

I tried using Ncloth with different material consistencies but it didn’t give as nicer and easily controllable effects as using the hair driven joints.



Some how the wires got abandoned, I think I panicked about getting things rendered in time and ended up leaving them out. I’m quite disappointed about it as it had been part of the design from the start and it would have visually expressed more clearly about what she is. I have all the files I could always render them out as their own layer at a later date.