Although I modeled a human character in the second year I knew I could do 10 times better this time round. I have a better knowledge of modeling, topology and UV mapping and purchased a human modeling book. I sourced some nude model image planes from the free assets from 3D work magazine and a some separate free image planes for the face of the internet at

The Face


I wanted to find some one who had a young vulnerable look and i though this lady would be good. I wasn’t sure how much my model would end up looking like her but I was going to give it a good go.

With my game character I created the face from primitives but using the book I bought, it suggested the extrusion and following the flow of the face. I applied the colored shaders to help me follow the tutorial in the book it also helps me see and understand more about topology of the fast.

I think it looks like her, it probably would more if i used her textures. There are few issues with some of the topology there are some lines under the nose and across the cheeks and the head seems to be a bit square and the bones on the outer side of the eye sockets seem to prominent.


Although there are a few mistakes i am still really happy with how it has come out. It look fleshy, has and air of realism and super pleased with my speed and topology. It took me approximately 8 hours following a book tutorial and i can only get faster and better.

Certainly 10 times better than my first attempt at a face ha ha!


I sent a screen shot to Distant Future animation studio for some feedback.


The image I sent was of the complete model, Mudbox sculpted too. They pretty much pointed out what I expected plus a few others. But I think the one between the eyes is sculpted wrinkles. I really appreciated the feedback and advice, not as scary as I thought it would be. Will give me something to work on in the future.

The Body and all the Rest

I tired to keep to as little polygons as I could and add the rest of the detail in mudbox.

I am very please with the way the body has turned out. There are a few issues with edge flow in some parts, mainly the side of the hips, backside and the breasts. I think that maybe I was to tight with the poly count.

I sent the base mesh into Mudbox and sculpted on the eyebrows, a few creases in the face, scars and eyelids, stitches and the hose implant in the throat. One thing I didn’t want to do in this project is get carried away with mudbox. I made sure I spent only one day sculpting and a day texturing. With the texturing I took the uv map into photoshop first and did the skin colour and a few quick details, moles, blemishes and eye sockets. Then i took that into mudbox an put some more finer details on the model.


elli front