from the start of my project i envisioned my character atop some type of podium. To give the impression that she never moves and is permanently in the same spot and something to be looked at, for admiration or for scrutiny.

I did a few thumbnails for ideas and shape.


I thought about a chair style, something she sits in. Or something that is part of a deformity so the actual flesh would form the podium, but that felt to alien. I drew one where her legs were bound and thought that was the was I needed to go. Like she had been put there by someone and imprisoned, a bit like a straight jacket for the legs.


Having researched into disabilities and the the human experiments in the 1940’s it lead me down the path of prosthetic s and came up with this kind of a custom made prosthetic cradle that she fits into.


I took a look at some prosthetic from the 1930-40s to take influence from for style, texture and practicality. Taking the 3 segmentation’s idea from an earlier sketch and the moodboard for 1930-40 prosthetic I came up with these iterations.

Scan 1 Scan

I liked the corseted look like that used on the leg prosthetic in the moodboard above. I also liked the idea of a belted look, like a straight jacket. So i thought i would have both, corset at the back and belts at the front. I did a few iterations with that idea.

Scan 3

Scan 2

As a function it would need to hold her up right and easily accessible for experimentation. I added stairs so the scientists could reach the plugs in her back and I think the stairs make her feel like an appliance.

I chose this as my final design for the podium.

ELLI (1)



Wrapped around the metal structure is hard leather,  pulled together like a corset to tighten her into it.


It gives this sense of a spectacle, to be observed, like many disabled have throughout history. It also serves a practical function, to hold her up right and allow access to parts of her body to perform the experiments. So it would need some sort of steps to enable the scientists to reach.