Before I had a solid direction I wrote a short treatment about what it was I was visualising.


Large tall room, clean, specious, tall slender object in the middle. Nice wide portrait shot of the object still.

The object is tall, grey in colour. The figure is that of a woman, but she has no arms, she is very thin and is constrained from the hips and has no appearance of legs. Her head and eyes are hidden by some form of helmet like device, with plug holes and what look like speakers. Her throat seems to have been augmented with ribbed that you can see under her emaciated skin that then branches off into her lungs. The pipe continues up and takes over her inner mouth with no tongue present only teeth

At one side of the room is a two way window. You know someone is behind there, (deep sound of vibrations of an uneasy presents behind it.

Sound of electricity hums and phoneo sounds begin to generate (camera follows sound along cables to the object) where are the cables coming from? The source a hole in the floor?

Underlining story of my animation short

A child is born twisted pale, blind and deformed out of clinical experiments

A twisted figure

A child was born blind and disabled. 

Following my research into human experimentation I came up with a more solid story based around the things that were happening in the second world war. Its a base for why she is where she is and what is happening to her. It just helps ground it in some sort of reality and gives me something solid to build from.

1935 Nazi Germany, Hitler has ordered the euthanasia of disabled men, women and children in a bid to create his Aryan race, eradicating what they saw as ‘life un worthy of life’. One young disabled woman was spared from such fate by a German scientist, only to endure another more torturous existence, to satisfy his own sadistic curiosity.

Elli, was born severely handicapped, all four limbs largely under developed and blind. She only knows the world though sound and touch, heavily relying on the love of her mother to survive. But now during the Nazi regime, she finds herself in a very quiet room with no loving embraces or sounds of the life she had always known. She can only hear footsteps and the overwhelming smell of iodine and when there comes the hum of electric she knows she has no choice but to bare whats going to happen next.

So in less dramatic sentencing, a German scientist has taken her to a dark, dirty lab and augmented sound equipment into her body as an experiment, like a human amplifier. This music then drives her movement in-voluntarily, forcing her to move.

Picking an era and a having a backstory means I was able to pull influence and designs from objects and subjects based on that time period to give it some grounding in reality. Though the research I have done have created a fictional story based on a reality.