I had been so busy doing renders and animations I hadn’t put any of my shots on a time line until it was time for final crit. So using my rendered shot and play-blasts I put together a rough edit. It was coming together for the first time and got an idea of how it was going to look. I think the rendered out shots look really nice, better than I thought they would. Think the depth of field works really well in giving a sense of ‘depth’ to the scene. There are some lighting inconsistencies, the lighting seems to change from shot to shot but I can balance that out in after effects. There is however a change in light towards the end of the animation, where the sun should come out and give my character some warmth and happiness for a short period. But I don’t think its obvious enough so I need to really show that more.

I am looking forward to seeing the screams fully rendered, well looking forward to all of it being fully rendered.

Using the rough edit I could see what I needed to render and where I need shots, how long they need to be in FPS and I could visualise the shots.


It also gave me an estimate of how long my animation was going to be. as it stands it is 3 minutes 50 seconds. So that fits nicely in my 2.30 to 5 min put forward in my statement of intent.