Notes from the documentary The seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz.

– seven jewish dwarfs, then seen as part of freak shows and entertainment. Made a living out of show business, ‘exhibiting their deformity’

-Deformities’ were an obsession for the Nazis, killing or using them for guinea pigs.

– Doctors decied who would live and die, who were fit to work. Women and children and crippled were sent to die as they weren’t seen as able to work. One of these doctors was Joseph Mengele ( the angel of death)

-Doctor Mengele, collected people with deformities, mengele’s zoo. If Mengele hadn’t have taken these dwarfs they would have died less than an hour later. Their dwarfism baught them some time

A doctor gave his opinion on what Mengele was doing and described the experiments as bizzar irrelivent and appalling , from which they could not have learnt anything from. These doctors on the cams had the opportunity to do what they want with no consequence and took advantage of that, medically relevant or not.