Tacking out sections of my statement of intent I will reflect on the thing I said I would do.

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I have not based the story on the physically and mentally disabled but largely influenced on periods when physically and mentally disabled people where largely discriminated against. I think I  felt I need some moral reason to do this piece and make a statement but what is actual is is the story of what my character is going through and what she is, based on past discrimination of the disabled.

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I think i used the wrong word in this, narrative should have been narration.

I was concerned if my editing would be upto this, but feedback from my final Crit confirmed that the audience could follow the story without any narration. They understood what was going on and commented on emotional responses they experienced for my character.

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Because of the emotional responses of the mature audience in the final crit, it reinforces the fact that my animation is for the maturer audience. Taking a look at the BBFC it seems my animation falls into the 15 category as there is nudity.


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Im in no illusion that my character is photorealistic, but i gave it a good go. The character is the most realistic i have done so far and not just in modeling but in texturing also. There are so many aspects that go into making something photorealistic, i could spend a whole module on it. But i think i achieved a style of realism, in the fact that she is a believable living entity.

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I did out source a dancer , use IPI soft and apply it to my character. I am very pleased i did as she was able to give me the flexibility in the character that i had imagined.

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That meeting was successful and Dom has created the music and foley will be added before the end of year show.

The deliverables as stated are:

Between 2.5 and 5 minute animation exported as 1920 x 1080.

I do have an animation within that boundary, just not 100 complete or with sound