I chose to do an a short animation as it seemed a good way to show off and use almost all my skills I have learnt over the course. It plays to my strengths and shows my modelling, texturing skills and reflects my artistic style. I think I have a really good human model! better than i thought which just shows i will only get better with time. It shows I can do environment modeling as well. Above all i think it shows imagination, that i try to be different and some times a bit controversial, if you want to get noticed, sometimes you need to think outside the box I seem to have some good texturing skills when it somes to realistic textures, i just need perfect bump mapping as some bump maps dont seem quite right. There is a massive amount I have learnt, about myself and my capabilities. Also what aspects i need to work on, especially my file organisation and render management, that aspect does seem to be all over the place, which only held me up in the long run.

As always I try to do everything myself and for such a big project I think I could have used a hand to make it look great in the space of time we had to do it and to the high quality I wanted it.

Although I didn’t get done what i wanted to i am quite proud at what i have achieved so far. I will just have to keep working on it till end of year show.