I went to 2 networking work shops, unfortunately both were the same session but the second had a few more points to offer. So these are just the notes i took down.

In your personal profile/statement

– Identify what you want

– Lively, succulent, no cliche’s or over used buzz words.

-Approx 150 words



-Tweak for what you are applying for

-Put the more relevant software at the top that fits the position

-Use works like, working/intermediate / advanced knowledge.



– Contact details

-Personal statement





-Hobbies and interests



Follow up Email/ letter

-Keep in contact and ask if they received your letter/cv

-But leave it one or 2 weeks before doing so no longer.

-Keep track of who is interested in you

-Thank those who reply even if they say no this time

-develop a data base of companies, contacts etc

– Dont be afraid to apply to the same place more than once

-No bulk E-mails

-Attach CV first!


Cover Letter

-Dear…full name. If you dont know a name ring and find out who it is you send you’re CV to.

-keep it short, why you want that particular job/placement or internship. Can aslo be speculative.

-Be formal

-Never use ‘I want’ or ‘I need’. Use ‘I would be grateful’ or ‘ It would be much appreciated’

– Research the company

-Keep it short, 3 paragraphs


-what you want to do or apply for

-Butter them up- show interest in the company, explain why you like their animation/game etc

– Be enthusiastic but don’t be patronising or over the top.


Good news

-what to wear, no suit/ dress

-be smart, dress casual not scruffy. be comfortable

-attitude, 55% how you look. 38% how you sound 7% of what you actually say.