Looking at other set design models

This is a design for a movie set. looks like its made out of wood. It looks very professional and substantial.

Wow what an incredible model! This is beautifully intricate. It shows you both inside and outside and has lights. This must have taken months to do. Its painted and gives you a clear understanding of layout.

To keep costs down I will be making mine out of card. It will be Nomiki’s main base of work at Rosso’s Command Center on the first floor. The building will be round and clinical and have a mathematical feel to it.

My model

For the build brief I have chosen Nomiki’s work place, Rosso’s Security Headquarters. I will be building a model of the first floor where Nomiki works when she is not out on patrol. From this room Rosso’s security personnel can view the cities statistics and observe and communicate to personnel on patrol any law braking or problems on the city streets.


I want the base of operations to feel, technologically advanced, dark but still lit with bright lights. Like the image below.

I like the curvature of the image below, the way it seems to swoop around.

The most obvious technological base of operations I could think of was the decks of Star treck space ships. When i imagine Nomiki and her colleges working, this is the type of technology I imagine. Touch screens and lit up dashboards.

I like the idea of a huge screen of information on either side of the base, being controlled by the Rosso employees from control panels underneath. The purpose of the big screen is so the first in command can observe the goings on in the city.

Although all these concept images are of some kind of space ship they still represent the type of feel I want. Clinical, futuristic full of monitors and information.

I imagine all the consoles, elevations and seats to me some, spherical and curved. this desk stood out because of the shape and the color is similar to the roof of the base. I intend to make the chairs the same color as the Headquarters roof, to make a link with the exterior and interior and to keep the red ( rosso ) theme running.

My sketch of the interior.

Thumbnail sketch of the center podium console overlooking the large screen, with smaller chairs and consoles in the background. On the top right a very rough shape of the room from a bird’s eye view. Bottom right a profile sketch of someone sitting in the chair at the console. It just give a feel of the room. I will import this image in to Illustrator and Photoshop to tidy it up, develop and color.

Concept art Rosso’s security headquarters

Having got a Bamboo Wacom graphics tablet for Christmas I decided to take pen to plastic and free hand my building for my character to inhabit. I knew I wanted an organic shape and something that would stand out and to continue the red theme. I took inspiration from one of my favorite concept artists, Tetsuya Nomura. I looked at ships and buildings from FFX and FFXII. His work has an organic feel and large curvatures in the design.


Final Fantasy XII

This ship from Final Fantasy XII almost looks like a creature, a dragon flying through the sky.

Final Fantasy X

I could not find an image of this machina weapon so had to take a screen shot from a movie clip of the FMV. A like the sharp peaks of the two cannons either on side, like icicle shards.

This is called the mechanical Circus, the sky ship from final fantasy. I really like the pastel colors used grand and royal. It looks like Tetsuya Nomura uses lots of free handed swooping strokes and I think it’s that that gives an organic shape.

Having got a Bambo Wacom graphics tablet for Christmas I decided to take pen to plastic and free handed my building. I knew I wanted a organic shape and something that would stand out and to continue the red theme. I continued to develop and work into it over the Christmas holidays. I did get frustrated with it and one point and posted it on our DFGA page, to ask for feed back and suggestions.

After a brake for a few days i took the feedback on board and continued to work into it. I worked into the lines, access to the building and balcony and tweaked the shadows until I felt happy. I put in people to give a sense of scale and also added some clouds for a sense of height.


For my scale model it will need to be spherical so just had a quick look at spherical plans to get a feel of what I will need to draw up.

I will need to add measurements on everything and mine will not be as intricate. But it has given me an idea of what I need to produce. It will be a minimalistic and spacious layout so there is lots of room for movement as it is a busy environment.

Images of my model

Somewhere along the way lines got crossed and I was under the impression for the Build brief we need to build a scale model of our environment. Well turns out we didn’t, so the images are of my almost finished scale model. The only parts missing are the interior walls and computer decks. I did have plans to sketch or makeshift some screen and chairs, but due to the time scale and work load I would only be taking on to much. Hopefully there will be time to finish it off when i have completed the other briefs.


From my initial thumb nail sketch of the interior I have produce a line drawing using the pen tool in illustrator.To finish the coloring, shading etc I will import it into Photoshop.

unfortunately when i had started to color this image in P a program error occurred which means i am unable to save it. Needless to say this is very frustrating.I think the problem lies in transferring between different versions of Photoshop. I took a screen shot of what I had done.

Obviously it is no where near finished, but it give an idea of the color skeam.

I managed to finish my model. It gives a good idea of how the interior would look. Making the model took longer than it should have, I think this was because I choose a circular design which wasn’t the easiest to build.

I didn’t really use the right material to make I, but I needed something flexible enough to get a circular shape. The card I used was too flexible, I had to put supportS between the exterior and interior wall to hold the shape. Also the floor lost its shape even with supports underneath.

The floor plan and elevation wasn’t as hard as I thought. It is just visualising realistic measurements and figuring out the scale ratio.