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I walk through Hyde park quite regularly and one morning, the whole park was thick with mist, So thick my hair was wet from it. The sun was putting an eery light everywhere, trying to break through the mist and everything just seemed to be in silhouette. I took these three pictures with my mobile phone camera and was really pleased with how well they came out.



Check this out, look closely, how uncanny is she???

I first saw this on science of the movies. They had me fooled until they broke down her layers. One of the best CGI Ive seen in a while that borders on the uncanny Vally. After I knew she was CGI you can tell in the eyes. There is something not quite right about them. Is it too much light radiating behind them?, or is it an absence of a human soul and absence off life? (oooooo!deep stuff!)

I have played video games for as long as I can remember, all different genres and types. I have NO criminal record or have a violent nature and a big part of it is because I have been brought up with a clear comprehension of what it right and wrong. These certificates are in place for a reason! You get asked for ID in game shops if u look under age, so if kids have 18 rated games it’s because an adult has bought it for them, the same with movies, they ask you for ID too! There are procedures and warnings in place to protect kids from distressing images and violence, after that its up to the parents.

DON’T BLAME THE GAMES your the parent!

I received a link about Square-Enix contemplating a game sequel to Final Fantasy 13…..based on the fan response. I say don’t do it!! If you want fans to know more about the XIII’s storyline (which I’m all for) then make it a movie or even a anime. I really don’t think that a sequel to XIII as a game would work. I LOVE the Final Fantasy franchise don’t get me wrong but the story and game play of XIII was a disappointment, it lacked emotion, excitement and the freedom of past FF’s. Where were the gut wrenching scenes, that I have seen bring men to tears? and what is with the transforming Eidolons??  The graphics in XIII however are amazing, Square-Enix never fails to deliver on that aspect. I would love to see a Adamantoise in HD or even 3D walking around as fully rendered cut scene graphics. Although I find FFXIII disappointing and have completed the main story, I do find myself still playing it from time to time but once you have filled the crystarium the game play does become a little repetitive, especially trying to release the ultimate weapons, which takes many many many hours of gil farming to obtain the relevant components. The squeal to Final fantasy X, X-2, worked because (spoilers) they had a strong storyline to back it, the return of the main character of FFX, Tidus, which still remains my favorite scene out of all FF’s. I had to play this game to find out if he came back and I believe this was the selling point of this sequel. What would make us so eager to by a sequel to FFXIII? I’d like to hear thoughts from any other Final Fantasy fans.

If i had a choice out of FFXIII’s sequel being a game, anime or an animated movie like FFVII’s Advent Children, I would chose the movie. So Square-Enix that is my fan response, make it a CG movie.

Whats your opinion?

For the first week of my course we were asked to pick a animation or film scene that we liked and talk about what it was and what we liked about it, just as a way for the tutors and other people on the course to get to know us. I chose a trailer for a up and coming Ps3 game, The Last Guardian. The official release date has not been released yet but is rumored to be out in 2011.

The Last Guardian is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and directed by Fumito Ueda at Japan Studios who was also the director and lead artist of Ico, released in 2002 and Shadow of the Colossus, released in 2005 which were both exclusive to Playstaion 2. I think that’s partly the reason I chose this particular trailer as I am a fan of  shadow of the Colossus and Ico. Fumito and the team at Japan studios have this way of crating these vast expanses combined with a dream like atmosphere and this feeling that there is only you in ,what feels like, a never ending landscape.

This doesn’t make you feel alienated or lonely but it does force you to build a bond with either Argo, Wander’s horse in Shadow of the Colossus, or Yorda the girl you help escape from her castle prison in Ico. From what I have read and watched about The last guardian they have appeared to have stuck to the same partnership concept. In the trailer we see a young, cell shaded, boy interacting with Trico,(the griffin like creature), riding, petting and feeding him. Personally I am unsure about the cell shaded boy, to me he doesn’t fit, it make the interaction of the boy and Trico odd in a away that they don’t look like they physically connect with each other. Although he does look similar to the characters in their last two games in the way that they all have this dreamy glow or aura about them. I may feel differently when I actually play the game. Not much has been revealed about this game but from what information I have found it seems you both have to work together to escape what looks like a desolate city. From this information I can see how they have combined aspects Shadow of Colossus and Ico. I am very excited about this game, I cant wait to see how we can interact with Trico and if the in game footage is as amazing as it looks on the trailer. When I first came across this footage and saw Trico fully revealed at approximately 1.4o in the clip I got goose bumps. He looks amazing, not just in his character design but how realistic he is in his movement, behavior, texture and lighting. In a interview with Fumito, about Last Guardian, he said its easier to animate realistic looking creatures if they are made up. For example, if your were to animate a cat, it would be less believable because we know how a cat would look and move in real life, if its a made up creature, we wouldn’t know how it is supposed to move or behave therefore our perception of the creature would feel more realistic.It’s imagery like that in The Last Guardian that’s the reason I’m on a Film, Game and Animation course, I want people to believe in the imaginary, even if its just for the few hours a time that they play a game or watch a movie.