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I went to 2 networking work shops, unfortunately both were the same session but the second had a few more points to offer. So these are just the notes i took down.

In your personal profile/statement

– Identify what you want

– Lively, succulent, no cliche’s or over used buzz words.

-Approx 150 words



-Tweak for what you are applying for

-Put the more relevant software at the top that fits the position

-Use works like, working/intermediate / advanced knowledge.



– Contact details

-Personal statement





-Hobbies and interests



Follow up Email/ letter

-Keep in contact and ask if they received your letter/cv

-But leave it one or 2 weeks before doing so no longer.

-Keep track of who is interested in you

-Thank those who reply even if they say no this time

-develop a data base of companies, contacts etc

– Dont be afraid to apply to the same place more than once

-No bulk E-mails

-Attach CV first!


Cover Letter

-Dear…full name. If you dont know a name ring and find out who it is you send you’re CV to.

-keep it short, why you want that particular job/placement or internship. Can aslo be speculative.

-Be formal

-Never use ‘I want’ or ‘I need’. Use ‘I would be grateful’ or ‘ It would be much appreciated’

– Research the company

-Keep it short, 3 paragraphs


-what you want to do or apply for

-Butter them up- show interest in the company, explain why you like their animation/game etc

– Be enthusiastic but don’t be patronising or over the top.


Good news

-what to wear, no suit/ dress

-be smart, dress casual not scruffy. be comfortable

-attitude, 55% how you look. 38% how you sound 7% of what you actually say.



Looking through companies that I am interested in visiting, I looked on The Mill website and saw that they hold open evenings. They state that they are constantly looking for new talent in the VFX industry and want to encourage people to partake.

The Mill hold open evenings to give  VFX passionates advise on how to get their foor in the door. It offers a chance to met like minded people and emploies of ‘The Mill’ who can give advice on what to put into a showreel. They also talk about entry level positions that are available .

To get on the open evening list I just need to send a cover letter, my CV and some work.

Best get on it.

Animation World Network (A.W.N) is a fantastically informative website with everything that is going on in the world of animation and anything digital relevant to CGI. There are jobs, and Events calender, Animation World magazine on there, VFX magazine also…Up to date news on what is happening in the world of CGI. I can’t believe I haven’t come across this sight before! It’s a world of information on one site and could easily spend a day taking it all in. I think i should make sure i put aside some time to go thorough the site.This will be a regular sight for me. As my friend Jane in the industry said to me, I need to keep up with whats going on in the world animation, so this will be a great way. I have followed them on twitter so their feeds will pop up on my twitter live feed on my desktop.

I have just came across a really useful website for international animation festivals. It’s a website with the dates and link to over 300 animation festivals world wide. Although currently financially I wouldn’t be able to attend any overseas I could still use it to submit work to them and visit the ones in the UK. There is also an App for it too that I have downloaded. I have followed the page on twitter and Facebook so I can get fresh day to day up dates on new up and coming festivals.

Now that the pressure of Uni is off I really want to make a special effort to make it to some animation and game festivals this year. In fact, I am quite excited about it. I’m at a stage where I think I can approach people and talk about my work confidently and critically.

Red Star 3D/4D (PPP3- Engage)

Red Star create 3D and 4D animated Films for theme parks and other attractions as well as TV and corporate. They also run a 2 week work placement program and I have applied for the modeling and texturing strand they offer. We have exchanged a few E-mails regarding my work and today I was offered a chat/interview at their studio in Sheffield. So I am really looking forward to that! Looks promising fingers crossed.

Red Star 3D

NSC Creative were looking for Junior CGI Artist and reading about the company and position, it sounded like a really nice opportunity. So I refreshed my show reel and CV and sent it off for their attention. Unfortunately this time I was unsuccessful but if another opportunity come up at NSC Creative I will be sure to apply again. I would have liked to have received some feedback on my application but it did state in the email that because of the number of applicants it will not be possible. Never mind.

The idea of a full dome experience really attracted me and is another avenue of this industry I hadn’t considered. I will defiantly be keeping my eye out for more positions like these.

NSC Creative

(Feb 4th 2013)

I am following All Animated on Facebook and a post from Distance Future animation studio had posted about some voluntary learning placements. Having attend their talk in 2012 and being feasible for me to actually financially be able to attend, I have applied for a spot. I have sent an E-mail, with a cover letter and links to my work. Hopefully I will be in with a chance and gain some valuable experience. Fingers crossed.

(Feb 6th 2013)

Got a really nice reply from Distant Future. Although I am not able to go for the work placement currently, Bill was more than happy for me to pop down to the studio for a couple hours and have a chat with them about my work and listen to any advice they give me. Looking forward to it!

As part of the PPP brief, we are required to enter a competition of some sort. I took a look at the D an AD competitions and considered the 4seven indent. I was concerned about time and this was quite a intense brief, it required a lot of research and time to reach something of the standard of channel 4. Then the Creative Networks competition opened and seemed a lot more feasible and I already know quite a bit about what it is they do, having attended a few evenings. This seems a lot more doable, it has a good time frame and could be done well without doing anything too flashy. So Andy and I have teamed up to come up with an sting for Creative Networks podcasts and general digital publication.

It is the first time I really have collaborated with anyone, an not taken on everything myself. So straight away we thought 3D, being 3D lovers. We took a look at the Guardian sting they had used as an example in the brief, and a few other channels that have a similar style to that.

Guardian sting


The Ident gallery

The ones we looked at were simple, colourful and had a clear path to displaying the channel. They aren’t too flashy.

So I quickly modeled the logo and text in 3D using Maya and forwarded the obj to Andy to add some effects to it in C4D.

Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 12.04.073d render

While Andy was having a play with effects, I did a quick mock up of a idea I had of a CN dice rolling on screen.

I now realise how much more i need to learn in animation.

Andy sent me some really nice graphics he had applied to my 3D model and that was defiantly the way to go.

Once the 3D graphics were done, he handed the render back to me so that I could work the transition back to the original 2D CN logo. We then worked together on the transition, tweaking it and making sure it looked effective on a projector as well as a hull HD screen.

By putting this on the projector we noticed that there was a problem with the resolution of the 2D CN at the end. But we soon discovered it was when i made it a separate alpha channel. The magic wand tool would give it a jagged edge, so we used just the supplied log and imported that and the resolution came out fine. Andy put on the finishing touches with sound and sent it a day before the dead line.

So it turns out we won!! happy days!

<p><a href=”″>CN competion sting</a> from <a href=””>Lauren E Sharman</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

There was just a slight amendment requested, to add the Creative Nextworks text at the end and that only took a few minutes.

I enjoyed doing the competition and working with others.I t has given me the confidence and taste to apply for more in the near future.

This was a really nice little treat for me, finding a post on the BBC news website, of Andy Sirkis giving a little tour of his motion capture studio Imaginarium. It believe it was in response to the recent release of The Hobbit with Gollum played by Sirkis.

My chat with Jane (PPP3- Engage)

Jane is a lovely enthusiastic lady and gave me some great advice about all sorts. So I am just going to write up the notes I made.

  • Look for jobs I’m my current league – Digital Clean up, VFX masking
  • nice close ups of some of my assets I have made, E.g close up on my punch bag, nice 360 with a nice light.- from light to dark and bring up the environment.
  • Think about putting poly count and poly model so they can see if its clean and done well.
  • Put the best stuff at the beginning of your show reel as they might not watch through to the end.
  • Be able to engage in conversation, so try and keep up to date about whats going on, who’s who, so your able to hold an intelligent conversation. Learn some about the history of… who are the 7 old men of Disney?
  • Look up Richard Williams, Windsor Makey
  • Look up A.W.N Animation World Network, (why haven’t I come across this already!?)
  • a few of Jane’s thoughts on motion capture, Threatens actors, character animators, to expensive, labor intensive. but she does like it…
  • look up Sigraff
  • In terms of photoreal, do small mini projects, basic photoreal, put a CG coke can in a scene and make the VFX invisible. mentioned a video of a fountain pen as an example. Could be this video.
  • Get used to working quickly for fast deadlines and a fast paced industry
  • Think about having multiple showreels, e.g one general, one specified.
  • Print off some nice renders of work, for a physical portfolio.
  • Be prepared when you go to a meeting, it could be in a bar or coffee shop, so wise to take a laptop to play it on, a DVD  in case there is no internet to go to your website, hard copy of some of your best work. Take a card and CV relevant to the company you are meeting. Put your self in the employers shoes.
  • Dont discuss contracts, get a lawyer to do it for you, to make sure you are getting what you are worth and to run through it. Get an accountant that knows the industry.

I have been in regular contact with Jane and feel really comfortable, asking her questions and discussing my work with her. We are hoping to meet up for another chat soon.