I think overall we have produced a very professional and tidy looking piece of work. My favorite aspect of the build has to be the balloons. I think the stand out from a distance and look incredibly effective holding up the land masses. We didn’t encounter many problems with the build but the was one major one. There was a problem with connecting the islands with bridges. Initially we had intended the bridges to connect to the top of the main platform and have the three different pieces of land at three different heights. But when it came to connecting them by a bridge the mainland was too high. The bridges would have been incredibly steep and therefore unrealistic. By this time i have most of the main land and cargo area built and it was a major job to move everything down. It involved making sure that every tiny little thing was selected and unlocked, It was a difficult process but I managed it. I didn’t want to drop the land too low so i kept the bridge to the pub connected to the main land but decided to move the shop bridge to the cargo area. This way we could keep the land at different levels without having a problem with the bridges.

I think we have some very nice features in out forts. I had the idea of trying to make a zoetrope somewhere in our fort and mary said she would quite like to put it in her shop and it looks really effective. The compass on top of the mainland is also a really nice feature, I think the combination of moving cogs and light  gives it a really nice effect at night. Corals lamps at the main entrance to her pub look very grand and add to poshness of her building.

We all had our own areas to work on. Mary had the shop, coral had the pub and I had the cargo and mainland area. I did find I was flying around helping Coral and Mary with their build too, with things like wall, textures and flooring. At one point i did feel very pressured because I had good skills I was more in demand. I did all the sculpties and that took up a lot of time, I also had the flying machine to build. But i enjoyed it a lot, I could have easily have spent another week on perfecting this build but I must must remember its a PROTOTYPE!!

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